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With apologies to my mom

Dancing with the Devil in the City of God launches on Tuesday; Wednesday will be my first public reading at Boston’s Porter Square Books. Nervous and excited doesn’t quite capture how I feel: this book pulls together experiences of a lifetime, touches on very personal questions of belonging, and is about a city, and country, to which I have the [...]

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The Sound of Swiss Silence

In Rio, silence had been elusive, sought-after; the screech of bus brakes, the tinny whine of motorcycles, the amplified kiddy-music of children’s birthday parties were constant, wearying company. Cariocas love sound; even in places where others go to be away from noise, they bring noise. They clip iPhones to their shorts and play them as loud as possible while hiking [...]

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On being prepared

There’s a lot of advice out there for those moving to a new country. In fact, there are a lot of helpful blogs with checklists, one-year plans or six-month plans, plus legal, tax and visa tips. If you prepare, the process can be smooth, organized, painless. I wouldn’t know about any of that. When I left San Francisco for Rio, [...]

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Rio to Zurich

As the airplane prepared for landing, I strained to make out the landscape below through the white blur of a mid-winter snowstorm. The staggered flight from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Zurich, Switzerland (through São Paulo and Frankfurt) had taken nearly 24 hours; I was groggy with lack of sleep and the strange, untethered feeling that comes from taking big [...]

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